Worth A Rewatch


Wuthering Heights – The original with Olivier. Have a box of Kleenex on hand.

The Pianist – Must-see. Based on actual events. Starring Adrien Brody.

The Andromeda Strain – Lean tension.

Adaptation – This girl Meryl Streep – she knows how to act.

Zodiac – Creepy.  With Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, Robert Downey Jr.

Friday Night Lights – Billy Bob Thornton’s father was a high school coach, and Thornton’s performance here is dead on.

Down In The Valley – A lot of people like Ed Norton and here is a good reason why

Thirteen – Holly Hunter = perfection

Babe – an intrepid pig.

In The Line Of Fire – Cat and mouse with Eastwood and Malkovich. Best movie of 1993 IMO.

Frost/Nixon – Frank Langella deserved the Oscar for this one.

Pineapple Express – hahahahahahahahaha

What’s Up Doc? – Screwball comedy starring the all-time best couple of Hollywood filmdom.

A Day At The Races – Getcha tutsie-frutsie ice cream, Boss.

The Day Of The Jackal – The original based on an actual assassination plot against DeGaulle. Riveting.

Arsenic and Old Lace – Cary Grant is over-the-top.

Days of Heaven – A magical American tale best seen on the big screen. With Richard Gere and Sam Shepard.

Raging Bull – Scene of DeNiro talking to the mirror shows the depth of this actor.  Captivating flick.
The Spy Who Came In From The Cold – A chilly cold war story.  Burton past his peak, but still compelling.
Two Lovers – As always, Joaquin gets it done.  Superb supporting cast.  This one really stays with you.
It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World – SO many funny scenes here; my favorite probably the phone call between late greats Ethel Merman and Dick Shawn.
Charade – Cary Grant, a wacky Audrey Hepburn and the usual suspects.  Paris plays a part.
Lost In Translation – Director star-struck by her own leading man.  A few second takes would have made this good movie a great one.
Happy-Go-Lucky – A loopy, quirky character study
Apocalypse Now – Includes that iconic portrayal by Robert Duvall.  Look for a non-matinee-idol Harrison Ford.  The Redux version is interesting.
3 Women – Altman flick with Sissy Spacek (good as always) and top-notch performance from Shelley Duvall.  A pre-cursor to “Mulholland Drive”.
The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3 – Powerhouse actors battle wits against a New York City subway system backdrop: Walter Matthau v. Robert Shaw.  With a nice turn from Martin Balsam and comic relief provided by Jerry Stiller.
2001: A Space Odyssey – “Open the pod-bay door, HAL.”
Rebel Without A Cause – note the picture in Sal Mineo’s locker; subtle.  Dennis Hopper as one of “the kids”.
Bringing Up Baby – Screwball comedy starring masters of the genre Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.
Badlands – Murder, mayhem, and baton twirling with Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen


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